Chris Andersen

Athletic Coordinator
Patrick Henry Middle School
2200 S 5th Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

(605) 367-7900

message board

The message board will be utilized with announcements regarding practices, games, Fall, Winter and Spring Sign-Ups, etc.

For any questions please contact Chris Andersen.

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sports information

Cross Country (Fall)

*Practices Subject to Change

Football (Fall)

*Practices Subject to Change

Volleyball (Fall)

*Practices Subject to Change

The Middle School Athletic programs are built on the philosophy that all students will participate. Therefore, there is NO "cutting" in the middle school program. Students will have a chance to practice and participate in the sport that they choose. Teams will be divided according to ability level and/or grade depending on the sport and will compete against the same level from the opposing team. Athletes are required to attend all practices and games. If you cannot make it to a practice or game you should notify your coach as soon as possible. All athletes will get playing time but may not get equal playing time.

Boys Basketball (Winter)

*Practices Subject to Change

Girls Basketball (Winter)

*Practices Subject to Change

Track & Field (Spring)

*Practices Subject to Change

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