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SFSD Return to Play for Athletics Update

The Sioux Falls School District is preparing to begin the 2020 fall athletics season as scheduled. Our top priority is and will be the health and safety of our student participants, staff and spectators as we work to provide activities for the 2020-2021 school year. District Administrators are working with city, state and national officials to develop safety guidelines and protocols for each activity and will be made available for our stakeholders prior to the respective start date of their seasons. These guidelines and protocols will continually be evaluated to ensure the health and safety of all. If a decision is made to alter, delay or cancel any of our activities we will issue appropriate communication to all stakeholders and local media. We appreciate your understanding as we diligently work to provide meaningful activity opportunities for our students.

Fall Sports Information

All students and parents at the middle and high school level will receive an email providing information pertaining to our fall activities. This email will include a Virtual Video of their schools respective Activities Principal and/or Athletic Coordinator outlining the following:

  • Introduce opportunities to get involved

  • Provide contact information for coaches and directors

  • Introduce stakeholders that contribute to our success at our high schools

  • Outline important policies and procedures

  • Cover required forms to participate in activities

Please note that this meeting has traditionally been hosted in the schools. As a measure to help assist activities and school starting on time in the Sioux Falls School District, we have made the decision to release the information electronically, and there will be no in-person sports night at the schools. Middle School students and parents will receive their information on Tuesday, August 11, 2020 and High School Students and Parents received their information on Tuesday, July 28, 2020. We ask students, and their parents, that plan on participating in school sponsored activities during the 2020-2021 to view the video in its entirety.

All Virtual Parent Meeting Videos can be found on the respective schools sites following the dates above.

vision statement

It is the vision of the Sioux Falls School District Athletics program to reach 100% of our student body to be involved in a meaningful interscholastic athletic activity.


The Athletics Department in the Sioux Falls School District is committed to preparing our students for purposeful engagement in the world through participation in athletics.

Our athletics program is integral to the education process and strives to provide challenging, meaningful, and competitive experiences for student-athletes. We seek to enhance life skills and develop values that foster teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership, as well as, develop their talents to the highest degree possible.

We commit to providing appropriate support to students, teachers, instructors and coaches to ensure individual and collective success.

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles can be summarized as:

Coaching Quality

By setting expectations for what is "effective instruction and coaching" and providing frequent feedback to coaches through practice observations, coaches’ instructional practice will improve and student achievement will rise.

Standards-Based and Data-Driven

By setting clear standards, measuring progress through the use of common formative assessments, and frequently reviewing student achievement data, instructional practice will be improved and student achievement will rise.

Multiple Opportunities

By providing diverse and equitable programming opportunities for student involvement, students will be more engaged in school, confidence will build and student achievement will rise.

Safe and Secure Environment

By providing an environment that is socially, emotionally, and physically safe/secure, students will be more engaged in school, confidence will build and student achievement will rise.

Parent Engagement

If parents have full visibility of their child’s performance, and if they have the skill and will to do so, they will reinforce strengths and help address weaknesses and student achievement will rise.

Community Engagement

If the community is actively engaged with our Schools, through volunteerism and community partnerships, the students will benefit from the additional resources and student achievement will rise.

Fiscal Accountability

By exhibiting efficient and effective use of federal, state, and local resources, the program will maintain community support while delivering upon its mission and student achievement will rise.



Athletic programs will exhibit integrity everywhere we go and in everything we do.


Athletic programs will demonstrate excellence in everything we do.


Athletic programs will demonstrate loyalty to our High School, teams, fans, and City.